King Turtle and the wall

The first few years of his reign were a smooth transition from turtle king to turtle king, which left the king with more than a few slow days with little else to do than explore. Most of the areas surrounding the kingdom were well kmowm–from Frog Country toward the rising sun to the great grass fields to the sides–but few if any knew much about the lands toward the setting sun, for that way lay a steep wall that no turtle could climb.
++Many had tried to venture around the wall, but to the left stretched another wall so far into the grass field that few dared trace the steps back to the wall itself and to the right were dense trees, through which could be found Toad Country and a foggy darkness few had the courage to pierce.
++King Turtle, however, knew that something was hidden beyond that wall, for he had traveled farther than most turtles dreamed possible, and he had heard stories from those he met along the way. Most of these stories seemed impossible, such as the crow who told him simply that beyond the wall was no different, but somehow not the same, but there once was a cat who teased that he could show him the way if he convinced one of the carp to be eaten by the cat. This told King Turtle that there was, in fact, something there, but it was either too amazing to be shared with just anyone, or so dull as to not be worth the bother. Either way, the king was determined to find out.
++And so it was that he set aside a few days from his schedule to be left alone. The king knew that if he set off for the wall itself he’d spend most of his time traveling one way and then the next, so instead he set off for the grass lands and the edge of the wall that would eventually connect with his destination. There it was that the king climbed from the water and left the kingdom for what would be the first of many such adventures.

To be continued…



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