Tell me

Have you met my friend Reginald?
Reggie was in the war. Yeah, that one.
Before he became an activist blacksmith.
He sacrificed his youth for sacrifice.
Now he stokes fires and writes poetry.
His hammer is never as heavy as his words.

Have you met my friend Beth?
Beth wanted to be a model. Took it too far.
Anorexia. But don’t worry. She’s ok now.
A food critic, actually. For haute cuisine.
She’s not a very good critic, though.
I think she enjoys food more than criticising.

Have you met my friend Bert?
He lost his dog one day in a rainstorm.
He searched for hours and hours.
By the time he found him, the rain had stopped.
They were both soaking wet. They didn’t care.
They were just glad to be together once again.

So, tell me about your friend.
The one that went to the moon.
Yeah, on the pedal-powered rocket.
Or the scuba diver that saw the shark.
Didn’t they become friends afterwards?
Oh, they still are? Good. That’s good to hear.



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