It all goes wrong

When it all goes wrong,
like it sometimes will,
remember your name
and the history it carries.

Remember forward and
that flames never cry;
it can’t rain all the time,
though it might well try.

Green is a color and time.

Red is only furious new;
time softens all tones.

Stones are only as heavy
as those who carry them,
like doubts and hope,
yet far more fragile.

Look and you’ll see stars
or the memory of stars,
but never their shadows.
Why? Life is simple then.

But wait a minute.

What you thought
+++you knew
++++++++might be
what you never thought
++++++++was known
+++or could be known.

Life is funny like that.

Like a joke heard and lost
for how simple it turned out.

We look for patterns
++and find only grit.

We look for truth
++and find only silence.

We look for each other
++and never see
++who we’ve found.




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2 responses to “It all goes wrong

  1. Gerald

    Wow, love it David

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