Bricks and blocks, ticks and tocks

Unbridled and unfettered youth
The breaking point? Tomorrow
But what does it all mean? Anything?
A pocket of smiles, of fear and tears
We could sail away on that darkness
Better to stay and put our feet up
Maybe build a shed, or a least a skiff
They say the water’s nice, clean
Better to not subject you to such misery
You’ll always have a shadow waiting
No matter how fast or far you run
Might as well shake its hand, say hello
Such is the memory of circles
Such is the way to escape doubt

About today’s poem:
Sometimes I have to remind myself that we are forging both of your memories each and every day. We’ll never know what will stick and what will be lost come tomorrow, so I try to make them all worth while. I just hope you can forgive me when I forget.



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