A penny for your doubts

Silence is golden-brown but never perfect.
Every silver lining has its wrinkles.
Let sleeping bears be bears.
Revenge is a dish best unserved.
Two in the bush isn’t so great for elephants.
Violins are always the answer.
Under every mask is another mask.
Two bees or not two bees, just don’t get stung.
Whatever doesn’t kill you may yet still.
It’s never too late to turn back.
++(Unless the road is time, of course.)
Don’t cry over milk, spilled or not.
++(Unless you just need an excuse to cry,
+++in which case you go right ahead and cry.)
Forgive and forget.
++(That one’s fine.)

About today’s poem:
In any language, we use time-honored sayings to make a point. I’d rather think of those sayings as a starting point from which we should draw our own thoughts.



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