Past lives 

Did you know that, in my past life, I was an ocean coral?
The sea was a warm blanket I could neither escape or join.
Then I was a cloud, drifting off into an eternal sunset.
Or was I a tree that became paper that became a love letter?
No. I was a river, feet in the sea and fingers in the trees.
I was an echo that had long ago lost sight of home.
I was a mountain that breathed over eons and eons.
I was a shadow, cursed to always oppose the light.
I was the first turtle to wake, weary from winter’s tale.
But I was also ink, only coming to life in my death.
And then I was fire, and from my death came life.
Finally, I was a thought, ambitious and not my own.
Then one day I became my own and thought of you.
Now I’m just a tale of yesterday for your tomorrow.



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