This and That

Ring ring. Ring ring.


Hi! It’s me. Congratulations on the new baby!

Thank you.

This is your second, right?

Yes. This is the second. We decided to name her similar to her sister.

Oh, yeah? What was your eldest’s name?

That’s her name. This is the youngest’s name.

Sorry, I think the phone cut out there. What’s the baby’s name?

This. That’s the oldest.

What’s the oldest?

That. That’s her name.

What’s her name?

That. That is her name.

This is the youngest.

Are you going to tell me their names or not?

This and That. Like I said.


Are you trying to tell me your youngest daughter is named “This” and your eldest daughter is named “That”?

Yes. Unique, right?

You’re an idiot.





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2 responses to “This and That

  1. gerald

    ha , ha, that’s funny…

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