The path untraveled

Where is our past?
I’ve asked these doubts
once before. Lost
in the glow of yesterday,
they said, and left me
in the fading echoes.
And what of the future?
Nothing more than
an invitation to imitation,
a request for ambition.
And there I wept, joined
my tears to the sweat
of the street, laughed off
every course correction
suggested by the wind,
and in the freedom granted
found the lost threads
of a path disappearing
into the wild unknown,
a blank slate, armed with
nothing more than a pen
and all the languages
of the world at my disposal.


About today’s poem: Watching how independent my daughters are becoming is both frightening and humbling. Like studying their faces in vain to see how they will look in years to come, I watch their actions for hints of the personalities they will have only to find that the paths before them are impossible to trace, and that unknown us both fascinating and terrifying to me.



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2 responses to “The path untraveled

  1. gerald

    as always, love it.

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