From A to Z

Absolutely, ants are atheists.
Better to be a Buddhist bear, or
chocolate contemplating Catholicism.
Do demons dream in daylight?
Even every day eventually ends;
fighting the future is futile.
Go green! Go gold! Go!
Hell? Home is here, heart.
Indecent and independent, initially.
Just joking. Join joints and jump.
Keep on keeping on killing kindness.
Loving logic is logical. Love is not.
Maybe on moody mornings moaning merrily,
but never at noon neglecting night.
Opening oligarchy is overly optimistic.
Pessimistic poems predate pasteurization:
quote a queen to quiet a quibble of quails.
Rabbits and rabbis? Revolutionary reflections!
Still, somewhere something sits in silence,
thirsting to taste true tamarack tears
under undulating ukulele undertones.
Verily, vegetation validates vibrational virology,
wherever water is wet and wind wild.
Except in xenophobia, an exact excuse,
yet yellow yells yonder yarrow young and
zucchini are simply zig-zagging zygotes.



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