When the time comes

And then you’ll question the pillars and supports keeping the sun from exploding,
and with every doubt another weight placed upon the clouds above,
bringing them that much closer and thicker and ominous like the shadow of a hand
placed above the earth to block out the comfort of morning and summer rains
bathing the dry skin of the parched soil, and with every question
a sliver of faith sacrificed, a flicker of disdain substituted, until
the floorboards creaking underneath begin to buckle under the strain of the unknown,
but just as winter digs its heels into the autumn soil the crowds will part
and through the empty space where the leaves once flew you’ll see
that all you never knew was only ever a guy-line for all the things
you always knew and always would know but simply had not yet learned.



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One response to “When the time comes

  1. gerald

    love it..

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