Memories of yesterday

Dirt from the new park and the chains
of the swing set you wanted me to push
higher but not too high before setting off
in search of the biggest stick we could find
because yours just had to be bigger than
the twig your cousin couldn’t help but
brag about even though up to then you
couldn’t be bothered with anything but
the fallen acorns and whether they were
broken at the tops under their hats and
the vivid skin of azaleas dotting the path
back to the car where you left your socks
and protection from the sand and grit
picked up from stopping too quickly at
the foot of the red slide that’s otherwise
just your size but perhaps too hot in summer
when the sun bakes the plastic to the core
and leaves your skin red at the first touch
but it’s a small price to pay and truth be told
really no price at all when you’re young
and the sound of spring is too loud to ignore.




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2 responses to “Memories of yesterday

  1. blaine

    Lovely observing, David

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