Do as I do, not as I say

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I have long forgotten
my own rebellions
and reasons for revolution,
but I see them there
in halfhearted commands
ignored, every rule broken
to test the consequence.
That look will cause us both
more strife than it’s worth,
more exasperated sighs
and reasons to hate
than you’ll ever carry
into tomorrow; so long as
you remember whose arms
you come crying into
when the world rises up
dark and gloomy and new
in the first hours of morning,
or who you come to for
protection from the nothings
of misunderstandings,
I’ll give you these victories
and unearned freedoms
without question, for in truth
I’m just as anxious as you
to see how wide those wings
will stretch before taking flight.


About today’s poem:
This is a small ode to trying to get your daughter to sit still long enough for one simple passport photo. Oh, it sounds like such an easy task as I write it now, but I swear she’s already plotting her rebellious teenager years.


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