One day

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One day we’ll fold up the cranes and trade them for trees long forgotten, and we’ll dance around the last fingers of nature in revelry thankful that it wasn’t too late to save the oceans and forests.

One day we’ll draw water from the clouds above and leave the soil be, forgetful that we once drowned ourselves in plastics and cardboard, thirsty for novelty at the expense of entire species.

But until the day we learn our reign is more magic than permanence, we’ll crush the stones and mold them anew, churn paper from trees and question why the birds no longer sing, drink the blood from the earth like gold and replace it with shopping bags and glass bottles that break under the strain only to be found later as shards picked up in the soles of our children.

Until that day, we’ll oil our streets and envelop our houses in light and never wonder why we can no longer see the stars through the clouds staining the night sky.




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2 responses to “One day

  1. gerald

    so true buddy..

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