Why I should be the first to go

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I like the rain, but
the glistening on the blacktop
makes night hard to see
through the shadows
and their gloating.
The Japanese paper sky
is not always a canvas,
and the trees might refuse
my ink, leaving me longing
for the warm waters
of the sea and cloud boats
of a summer movie painted
in the scents claimed
by the petrichor embracing
every passing window
in a sternly frank gray.
No, in those my final breaths
I’d rather understand
the aged color of sap
drying on the skin of a pine,
or perhaps the singed memory
of a smile burning bright
through every shade
and caress of darkness.
Let the last tears be mine alone,
my fading ode to a burden
dutifully borne, and
in their wake neither smoke
nor sacrifice, neither regret
nor completion, only
the wrinkles and stories
of weathered storms
chasing sun-bathed horizons.



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One response to “Why I should be the first to go

  1. Blaine Verley

    OK, that’s flat out great!

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