Salad (an experiment)

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I’m not sure about the cicadas and the song,
but it seems the situation is not a common gesture
found in my pocket. And in that moment
when I get home, the prince and the world to describe
just got here now. Why would you say something
to the guard, but not so much closer to the future?
Asked if I was thinking about it, the growth
in the number of days is a good thing to have.
Somehow, the king of mine was a little too determined,
but the king’s speech was going to be
a busy week for the next train. I’ve never heard
the whistle, even though it was just a pup
on his first meeting. Then, when I felt
that the crowd got a hold of you, the foothills
melting to the future grew by the space between,
and in that moment I knew you.


About today’s poem:
You’re probably asking, What the h-e-double hockey sticks is this? This experiment involved entering a few letters on my mobile phone’s keyboard until a selection of phrases and words were suggested. I selected one of these options and kept going wherever the words took me. Rather than the message or meaning, I like how each word and phrase is a reflection of something I’ve written in the past, combined in a novel way.


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