No road but this

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I remember searching
for Stein’s center, twisting
influenced circles of “this“
with no more clarity
at the end than the beginning,
afloat among the tossing waves
of stars and the pull
of questions unanswered
since the dawn of breath.
No more.
To what tether can I attribute
this novel and unending
horizon, the sea before me
no more daunting
than the coming sunrise?
The movement felt
through the skin.
The thought before sight.
The name before voice.
Caught in the eternal wave,
I float through the cosmos
with no compass, no purpose
but these small hands
in mine, these tiny breaths
slowly marching the track
I’ve plotted, waiting
anxiously to be overtaken.


About today’s poem:
When writing, I’ve always tried to contemplate my inspirations, and this poem is a reflection on how they have changed over the years. Cliche though it may be, the inspiration found in a child’s eyes is eternal and forever foremost in my mind.


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  1. Blaine Verley

    Very cool, Dave

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