Hindsight and foresight

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Would that I could
impart the sanctity
of mixing colors
and the finesse
of dark sunglasses.
Would that I could
stretch these words
into feathers, bribe
every sunrise
to avail you of
the forlorn dreams
weaving morning
into fog and churn
crisp light into
unwitting smiles
and the melody
of the world aspin.
Perhaps with that
you could trace
the treasure maps
hidden in flowers,
or the silhouette
of tomorrow’s knots
written in clouds
silently sailing
by overhead.
But I’ve seen
how you redirect
passing breezes
and the whispers
of tree limbs;
your vitality is not
in question here,
only my own as
this reflection
fades, with every
passing dream
another thread
of the requiem
forever undone,
and me left with
these bottles of ink
and nothing to say.




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2 responses to “Hindsight and foresight

  1. gerald

    wow, just awesome david….love it ….

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