An open letter

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Yesterday, as I came home from work, you greeted me for the first time smiling with open arms, asking to be picked up and held.

A year and a half since you were born, and yesterday was the first time you’d ever done that.

Yes, most times a smile comes across your face as I top the stairs, and sometimes you’ll even run to me, holding out some toy or trinket you’d taken an interest in that day. But, before yesterday, not once had you done the full “daddy’s-home-I’m-so-happy-pick-me-up-and-hug-me-daddy” routine.

Maybe you were just in a good mood. Maybe you were making up for not waving goodbye in the morning. Maybe you’ll make that your ritual from now on. Maybe my day was just long, and a hug from my little girl was just what I needed.

Whatever the case, know that in that brief moment I knew peace. Know that even though I’ll be hoping for more of the same, I won’t be disappointed with less. Know that I’ll never forget yesterday.




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2 responses to “An open letter

  1. gerald

    that makes u a rich man….

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