The color of rain


We woke gray and still
in the melody of raindrops
on the tinned roof,
the morning film
devoid of all yellow
and the golden welcome
of the horizon. Somehow
this tune never tires,
the storm’s white noise
no more welcome
than moonless nights
or the hum of silence
on the soles of sleep,
no less welcome
than the coded whispers
of untamed moonlight
peppered in winter flowers.
For now it all passes by
like unseen waves
caressing the ocean
beyond the breaks,
but soon you’ll feel
the determined sincerity
of the new year’s first
rainy morning serenade.




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4 responses to “The color of rain

  1. gerald

    you put me into the season…thanks

  2. Blaine Verley

    Nice liquid feel.

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