Tout est pardonné


Up, up on anxious wings
into unburdened clouds
where sunlight bathes
the fading scene below
in an unfiltered sunrise,
away from the fetters
waiting in the shadows
and the sleeping madnesss
in creviced side streets
and walkways rank
with the soiled dreams
of wings cut too short to fly.


About today’s poem:
Today I find myself fascinated by the response by satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo to the attack that shook France last week. The attack, where extremist Muslim gunmen murdered twelve people, was was a response to the newspaper’s history of printing cartons of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, whose depiction is forbidden and highly offensive to Muslims. The newspaper’s response to the attacks? A cartoon of the prophet holding a sign that says “Je suis Charlie,” I am Charlie, under a headline that reads “Tout est pardonné,” All is forgiven. This is the world into which you have been born, with the darkest shadows offset by the most spectacular beacons of light, and sometimes I don’t know what to think about it.


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