The sound down the hall


++There’ll be an ocean from those young eyes.

++There’ll be a chaotic orchestra of pleading.

++There’ll be awkward smiles as we force you away.

++There’ll be longing in those drowning eyes.

++There’ll be pain in those drowning eyes.

++There’ll be unknown fury hidden inside that agony.

++There’ll be pity in our eyes and in our broken bits of heart.

++There’ll be regret in our footsteps down the hallway.

++There’ll be a tally mark for every stride until your cries can no longer be heard.

++There’ll be other days like this, we’ll say sadly.

++She’ll be ok, we’ll say.

++She’ll be fine, we’ll assure ourselves.

++But there’ll be doubt.

++Oh yes.

++There’ll be doubt.




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2 responses to “The sound down the hall

  1. I remember this pain! You have captured the parent perspective well, Dave. Know, however, that – in the long run – the scars are only yours: she will be fine. Love to you, and distant support of this troubling time.

    • Thank you, Norma. I’m usually at work by the time she goes to daycare, so I’m often excused from these experiences. However, my wife said she did just fine yesterday. Not a sound to be heard down that hallway. And that’s a whole different pain, if you ask me!

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