For future reference


What are you wearing?

I’m sorry, but no, you can’t go out dressed like that.

Because I can see more skin than fabric, and because I said so.

And it’s my “right” as your father to overrule your “right” to wear that.

I may be overreacting, but no one is going to be ogling my daughter just because she decided to only half dress herself.

Yes, I’m sure they do, but those girl bands on TV have enough money to hire bodyguards. Do you?

I will do no such thing. You, however, are going to change, or you’re grounded.

Sixteen, twenty-six, seventy-six—it makes no difference. I’ll ground you if I want. That’s not an outfit to wear outside.

Yes, I suppose you could, but not if your friends are over. Trust me, it’d be easier if you just learned to be uncomfortable wearing that at all.

Oh, come now. You’re still you and you’ll still be you no matter what you wear.

Yeah, well, you better start finding another way to express yourself. Start a blog.

Hey, watch yourself. You’re walking a tight enough rope as it is.

And what did I say about slamming the door?!




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2 responses to “For future reference

  1. gerald

    getting ahead of yourself david….good job..

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