There’s a color only bees will know, a song only crows sing, and a mountain only wind climbs.

There are seeds only fires grow, beauty only time can bring, and love only hands can entwine.

There are tears only storms understand, an end only trees meet, and a wrong only the patient suffer.

There’s a grace only fish command, a wave only hopes greet, and a path only dreams confer.

There’s a secret only tomorrow whispers, a price only winter demands, and so much more than everything.




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4 responses to “Undefinable

  1. Norma

    Most memorable line: a mountain only wind climbs. Most memorable image in my mind: a wave only hopes greet. This is rich. What a writer you are, Dave.
    So happy to know you.

  2. gerald

    sweet like the candy that grandma and I are going to hand out tonight..

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