A turn of patience


++I found her in the alleyway with an eraser in one hand and a drying paintbrush in the other, the autumn colors clumped and desperate on the end.
++“Aren’t we a little early?” I asked innocently, but the scent of the night’s chill was still heavy on her lips, and her stare rested on me only vaguely after those thousand miles crossed.
++“They’re stubborn,” she sighed, “but the disease spreads quick once it catches on. You’ll see.”
++And with that she turned, patient as a sunrise, to the trees spread out overhead, dabbing cautiously at the browning leaves.




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6 responses to “A turn of patience

  1. Blaine Verley

    Lovely personal imagery.

  2. Norma

    I can see the scene. Nice.

  3. gerald

    thank you for my evening image..

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