Down with diapers



I see it in your eyes,
that defiant sparkle
of freedom,
sweet freedom.

Shake your head
at me, will you?
No to being picked up.
No to being fed dinner.
No to putting that down,
to not going there,
to not playing with that.
No to boundaries, you say?


I say again, louder.


Your rebelious glare
is most endearing,
almost commendable;
knowing what it is
you don’t want,
thinking the choice
is somehow yours.
How very sweet.
How very quaint.
How very independent.

Let us see
how you respond
when I shake my head
after your next tumble.

Let us see
how very sweet,
how very quaint
the sentiment
the next time
you want to be held.

But therein
lies the salty rub,
for I’d rather see
the fierce look
of independance
than the accusing glare
of disappointment.

Ah, what supine softness
being a parent imbues.




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2 responses to “Down with diapers

  1. gerald parnell

    victory is hers….

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