We could cower and cover our scowls,
hide our scars and show only our fear
glaringly black on bent shoulders,
trudging head-down into headwinds
as fierce as a thousand frozen whips
lashing us back for every step forward,
or we could scour our vicious scowls
knowingly and paint every corner
in blatant shining white gradients,
hiding the harsh edges in the void
and leaving only a shadowless flag
which we’ll wave wild from atop
every mountain peak we stumble upon,
washing the fabric clean again
in every stream tumbling toward us,
and like pioneers into the unknown
we’ll take our chances that the wind
will help blow our banner outward
to carry us forward, ever onward,
ever toward that beckoning horizon,
never again to let a scowl subdue us.


maemuki (前向き) means to always look forward, or, as today’s poem suggests, to always smile.



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4 responses to “Maemuki

  1. Blaine Verley

    My God that’s good, David. I’ma posting this one!

  2. gerald parnell

    I understand it knowing what maemuki means…

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