Summer’s goodbyes

Must our time together be so
fleeting, sweet summer skin?
I’ve only just begun to read
the signs and symbols writ
upon your brushing caresses,
the harbors of shade dotting
the hard sun’s trying canvas
like freckles left to fade under
the quieting tactics of autumn.
Will the road crumble and turn
’round the bend with nothing
but the beckoning of memories
staining the rearview mirror
of another season counted?
It may not last, but for now
your first summer of youth
rests heavily upon my heart,
its true brevity a gentle curse
undone by the brief memory
your youth gives breath to.




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4 responses to “Summer’s goodbyes

  1. gerald parnell

    i fill refreshed..

  2. Blaine Verley

    So very good.

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