Painting the world

In every stranger you see,
every bye-bye you wave,
I see a downpour of rubble,
your torrent of broken walls,
painting in shattered murals
a flowing picture of a world
cast aside under the weight
of the cartographer’s pen
anxious to record how far
your shadow will wander,
how many fresh borders
will be wrought forward
as you brave an ever-growing
horizon, and in the flurry
of the rewritten map lines
I see the world you’re shaping
and find it more mesmerizing
than any country braved
by the explorers of antiquity
and more vivid than the inks
mixed by any master artist;
your creation is alive, fluid,
and on every rising wave
you cast a painting offered
for only a brief moment before
a new swell inches forward.




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6 responses to “Painting the world

  1. Blaine Verley

    Beautifully written, David. I might have changed two words…but this is yours, all the way. You have a powerful grasp on the language, and a vision to where where you want to. I’m awed by what you’re doing!

  2. Sounds like you’re writing about my life. Bravo!

  3. gerald parnell

    what a masterpiece you are working on….It will be a long time before the paint is dry…

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