I am…

I am a cloudless night with city lights too bright to spot the stars.

I am a stray outside the window listening to your soft whisper of sleep.

I am the emptiness broken by the sun on an eight-minute trek to the blue jewel, but I am so much more.

I am the ocean massaged by a storm, the sailboats heaved to and reefed, but still I churn my skin like butter.

I am the green light on the control panel, all systems go, blinking down the seconds to a new era.

I am the rear element of the telescope focused on the apple in the man in the moon’s eye, but where’s that damn cow?

I am an unsung hero digging in wicked sand for an escape, doom on its leisurely approach as all shines true, no, you can’t be my progenitor, our evils don’t mix.

I am the desperate sliver of light as the rain marches through, there’s still hope left, don’t give up.

No, I am Stygian black as deep as sorrow with scales for skin, but still your tears break through to the tender flesh below, an acid pain unquenched by the heavy anchor mom plants alongside you.

I am a dream ebbing in the morning mist, a maze with familiar turns and twists, the fading scent of dreams too lucrative to release, too thin to contain.

I am awake, bottle in hand, shaking hands with the sun and planting kisses on your cheek, my garden and communion, as night’s reign slithers away once again.




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2 responses to “I am…

  1. gerald

    I have new hope again, thank you…

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