Once upon a dream

I met you in dream last night
years along the road ahead.
She’s a good girl, I said.
A goofy girl. She’s our girl.
We were deciding where to put
a house not yet ours, but soon,
basked in sun on a hillside,
your first meeting of family
you’d heard of but never saw.
You held a ball, as was fitting,
and although I’d not recognize
that little girl giggling today,
somehow I knew it was you
molded by years and the world.
Isn’t it strange how in dreams
we are either unquestionably sure
or so completely adrift that
the ground itself might well
be sand and molasses?
Are your dreams so defined?
Do you dream of us some years
down the road, when we’re gray
with time hung about our shoulders,
walking clocks with batteries
dragging out every single tick
a little longer with each pass?




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2 responses to “Once upon a dream

  1. gerald

    love the reads and the journey you take me on buddy…

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