Why won’t you sleep?!

I rolled to the station today
on honey-lathered wheels
floating just off the pavement
like some dock on some lake
waiting for a wind or wave
to shake free the last strands
of night so gallantly clinging
to the window shades as dawn
stretches out her slim fingers.
Did you fear the usual depths
of sleep you swim so freely?
Too young to fear the dark,
was it the weight of dreams
bearing down as you slipped
along the slumbering river
that kept you from giving in
to undertow’s gentle tugging?
And when morning broke
like some fragile egg over
the horizon, was it the fear
that lifted you from sleep,
a dream’s half-remembered
message building fences
around those last pockets
of the fading feathery night,
or just some betrayal of mind
still churning the day’s images
with the ricochet of the sounds
overpowering and melodic?
Awake, we will never know.



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