The weekend passed in crowds thick with life and slow as motionless poetry.
Your future school hosted a food fair with myriad international dishes
your mom couldn’t enjoy due to a careless parent taking precedence
over taste buds dry with hunger, but her hunger for work and caring won over.
The next day before blowing out the candles at a birthday dinner for three
we waded through shoppers in the city’s largest mall on a rainy, gloomy Sunday
packed to the edges with window-shopping teenagers with limited funds,
only there for society’s vibe, the groove of belonging accented with fashion.
The din lulled you to sleep as we escaped the crowds for a quieter, calmer store,
a sleep that kept you bundled until the waiting came and the lack of motion
carried you back to the surface hungry and looking for comfort in the chaos.
Back home was quiet as cotton and as welcoming as a warm quilt waiting
to encompass us once more before the week takes over and routine reigns.



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